Brand new BocaWoody 7″ single and remix by The Allergies

Side A – ‘Freeze’  // Side B – ‘Rockin Ya Block’ feat.BluRum13 (The Allergies Remix)AVAILABLE NOW only at:

Only 300 copies so grab one while you can 

Here’s what 45 Live had to say:

Essential bit of Bocawoody on 7″ about to drop, with the dancefloor burner ‘Freeze’ taken from the brilliant ‘Carousel’ album. It’s like going to the church of instrumental hip hop with those swirling organs and Boca’ssuper tough breakbeats, add in psychedelic keys from Christian Madden with Woody cutting them up and you have a guaranteed floor fillin’ nugget. Gracing the flip, The Allergies take on another track from the LP, the minimal-ish and pumping ‘Rockin’ Ya Block’ featuring BluRum 13, and here on this remix have unsurprisingly added extra soul, killer horns and psyche-funk vibes to wonderous effect, an absolutely top drawer remix and one of the best tracks this reviewer has heard all year. It won’t be leaving my play box for the remainder of my DJ career, however long that may be.


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