DJ Woody announces 2013 Australian Tour

DJ Woody announces 2013 Australian Tour

I don’t know whether it was my Neighbours fix as a kid, Crocodile Dundee, my fandom of Rolf Harris or simply the allure of the sunshine and beaches but i’ve always fancied going to Australia. I never did the ‘year out after Uni’ thing, and the whole idea seemed a bit of a stretch once i joined the real world and settled into the 9-5 grind in my 20’s. That was until this ‘hobby’ of DJing turned into my fulltime gig somehow. Year after year i’d watch as my peers went out to get there Oz fix, but always the bridesmaid.
5 or 6 times the idea of a ‘DJ Woody’ tour has been banded about with promoters, agents etc but alas to no avail.
I began to think it just wasn’t meant to be so consigned this one to my ‘Bucket list’.
But holy dooley it’s happening!! I’m stoked to say in 2013 i get to tick that one off thanks to Groovin The Moo!!! 🙂

Groovin The Moo Festival dates:

Saturday, April 27 – Showgrounds, Maitland
Sunday, April 28 – University, Canberra
Saturday, May 4 – Prince of Wales Showground, Bendigo
Sunday, May 5 – Murray Sports Complex – Cricket Grounds, Townsville
Saturday, May 11 – Hay Park, Bunbury

Extra City and club dates to be announced…



  1. Hi woody,
    Loving all your stuff lately, and for a few years!
    Whilst thou be coming to Adelaide in your Oz tour? I do very much hope so…I think stickybuds is doing something too?
    If you have time and can get bookings, you should definitely hit up NZ too. I’m from England but did NZ for 8 yrs before moving to Adelaide and it is a wonderful place and I know every major city would represent the genre hard!
    Keep it up!

    • Hey Ali cheers, unfortunately it doesn’t look possible on this trip, on top of the Festival dates there are Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney (tbc) club dates. Would love to get to NZ at some point though, hopefully next time!

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