DJ Woody paints New York Technicolored

Big up all at DMC USA NATIONAL DJ BATTLES DMC World DJ Championships and special thanks to Rane Corp. and Serato H.Q. for flying me out to perform my Turntables In Technicolor showcase in New York at the 2011 USA DMC Finals. The set went down brilliantly, the crowd were great as were New York’s own DJ Shiftee (as always), San Francisco’s Mista B and Donnie Dee. The event was hosted by non other than Lord Finesse who did a great job and many a  New York hip hop legend was in the building including Rob Swift, DJ Cheeze, Jo Conzo, Jazzy Jay, the list goes on…
It was a dope battle too, best US final in years infact, results were 1/Vajra 2/I-Dee 3/Precision, for the record i judged it as 1/ Vajra 2/Immortal 3/I-Dee. Big up the rest of the competitors some really good sets, it was very hard to judge!

Here’s a review of the event from world renowned hip hop historian Billy Jam!  Billy Jam Review for Amoeba Records


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