DJ Woody is identical to none

In March when i released the North West Scratch Community Looper i set myself the challenge of recording a little something fresh over each of the 42 beats for my newly opened Instagram account. I wanted to demonstrate my individuality over a range of styles, sometimes breaking out some old techniques i’ve not done in years and also demonstrating some new ones i’ve only just discovered. I had a ton of fun doing them, hope you enjoy this.

North West Scratch Community Looper

North West Scratch Community Looper

After attending some great local scratch jams recently hosted by DJWORX and Deejay Rasp i wanted to do my bit for the local scene.

A bit of organising, a bit of work and commitment later and boom.

“North West Scratch Community Looper” is HERE!!!


(drag and drop .swf onto safari or chrome to use looper, or open in swf/flv player)