Just Plain Ill – DJ Woody needle dropping

“Needle dropping” is a technique in which a DJ drops the stylus at the exact point where he wants playback to begin without previously cueing the record. The method was pioneered by Grand Wizzard Theodore in the 1970s and is still used to this day.

And while there’s been numerous routine videos of turntablists showcasing their scratching and juggling skills in recent years, videos of DJs needle dropping have been less frequent due to the increased use of DVS such as Serato and Traktor.

Enter DJ Woody: an award-winning DJ, who prides himself on being a true student of turntablism. In his aptly-titled video, “Just Plain Ill,” the English DJ takes a minute of his time to flex his needle dropping skills.

– DJ City

DJCity’s ‘UK Cutting Room’

Back in December 2014 i helped DJcity put together the UK ‘Cutting Room’ video by hand picking the cream of the crop of the UK turntablist scene to join me in cutting it up fresh. FIlmed in Manchesters iconic Band On The Wall venue here’s how it went down…

“Some of the United Kingdom’s most talented turntablists go back-to-back in what might be one of the most impressive “Cutting Room” episodes yet. Filmed at the legendary Manchester venue, Band on the Wall, the five-minute scratch session features this year’s DMC World Champion, Mr Switch, along with DJ Woody, Jon1st, TigerStyle, DJ Muzzell, and Mighty Atom.”

The Spindle Scratch

I discovered a new scratch technique tonight (8th Dec 2014), I call it ‘The Spindle Scratch’.

As you move the record forward with the tip of your index finger you simultaneously brush the underside of each finger over the central spindle on the turntable.
Each time a finger hits the spindle it causes a break or pause in the forwards movement of the record. Brushing 4 fingers over the spindle on 1 forward movement results in 4 momentary pauses in the sound, creating a 5 step tear essentially. Doing the same on the backwards movement achieves the same effect.

You can play with the amount of fingers that are brushed over the spindle and obviously being a 1 handed non fader technique means that his can be used in conjunction with an crossfader or upfader techniques.